permanent mold casting and sand mold casting.we both have the two methods,please contact us.

 Aluminum casting refers to the equipment and devices of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy obtained by casting processing.  Generally is the use of sand mold or metal mold will be heated to liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy poured into the mold cavity, and the various shapes and sizes of aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts are usually called aluminum die casting.  

we discuss the different of the two aluminum casting process.

一.First, advantages and disadvantages of sand casting  ,

 the advantages : 

(1) Clay is abundant and cheap.  

(2) The casting cycle is short and the working efficiency is high.  

(3) The mixed sand can be used for a long time.  

(4) Wide adaptability.  

2 the disadvantages  :

 (1) Low production efficiency.  

 (2) The stiffness is not high, and the dimensional accuracy of the casting is poor.  

 (3) Casting is easy to produce defects such as sand washing, sand inclusion and porosity.  

二. permanent casting advantages and disadvantages  

1, the advantages : 

 (1) The precision and surface finish of the casting are high, and the quality and size are stable.  

 (2) The production efficiency of metal mold casting is high, the process is simple, and it is easy to realize mechanization and automation.  

 2 and disadvantages  

 (1) High manufacturing cost.  

 (2) the working temperature of the casting mold, the pouring temperature and pouring speed of the alloy, and the coating used are very sensitive to the quality of the casting and need to be strictly controlled.  


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