Acceptance of the Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear, you can refer to it.

 Acceptance of the Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear, it's a huge and comlicated job,however,we can start from bellowing aspects:

  1.appearance:be clean and tidy, non-corroded.

  2.completeness: the electrical connection is reliable and good connect,the lead and fitting are comlete; 

3.Each gas chamber gas leakage rate and water content should meet the requirements.
4.The linkage of combined electric appliance and transmission mechanism should be normal; opening and closing instructions are correct,During debugging operation, the auxiliary switch and electric locking device should operate correctly and reliably .
4.The alarm latching values of density relays equipped with each gas chamber meet the requirements.the electrical circuit drive should be correct.
  • 5.Paint should be complete,and the color should be correct, the case should be well grounded.

  • 6.The connection of mechanism box,exchange control cabinet and secondary circuit is correct.

  • 7.The following documents shall be submitted for project acceptance;

  • a、Documentation of design changes;

  • b、Installation technical record;

  • c、Produce specification,experimental records,installation drawings and other technical documents;

  • d、Debug experiment record;

  • e、Spare parts、List of special tools and testers.

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