Introduction to gating system.aluminum casting mold design.

  In the next few days, I will introduce the gating system design 1.Composition and function of gating system.(1) The gating system is a channel in the mold that directs liquid metal into the cavity. It consists of a sprue cup、sprue、inner sprue. Broadly, it also consists of air gate. The function of the sprue cup is to receive liquid metal and lead it to the sprue. The sprue cup divided into funnel and basin. Funnel shaped gate cups are divided into two categories: one is used for medium and small cast iron and non-ferroalloy castings;    The first class is used for steel castings. That's all for today, and we'll talk about it next time. Don't forget  support me and leave me message.

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aluminum alloys ZL101A is mostly used for casting. aluminum casting in China.

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The flange of Gas Insulated metal-enclosed Switchgear, the flange can used be high voltage including 45KV/72.5KV/110KV and higher voltage.

 The flange of Gas Insulated metal-enclosed Switchgear, the flange can used be high voltage including 45KV/72.5KV/110KV and higher voltage.  The flange usually matchs with the shell which is also produced by casting or welding. Client will pay more attention to the flange,that is because of its sealing performance and mechanical performance.  In effect, we always fill much SF6 in the Gas Insulated metal-enclosed Switchgear. the flange need pass the air-tight test. we have developed many flange by casting. and the qualified rate can reach 98%. our on-time delivery rate can reach 97%.   well also we have price advantage. if you have any question,please contact us! The contact information as:<>  

permanent mold casting and sand mold casting.we both have the two methods,please contact us.

  Aluminum casting refers to the equipment and devices of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy obtained by casting processing.    Generally is the use of sand mold or metal mold will be heated to liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy poured into the mold cavity, and the various shapes and sizes of aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts are usually called aluminum die casting.   we discuss the different of the two aluminum casting process. 一. First, advantages and disadvantages of sand casting   ,  the advantages :  (1) Clay is abundant and cheap.   (2) The casting cycle is short and the working efficiency is high.   (3) The mixed sand can be used for a long time.   (4) Wide adaptability.   2 the disadvantages  :   (1) Low production efficiency.     (2) The stiffness is not high, and the dimensional accuracy of the casting is poor.     (3) Casting is easy to produce defects such as sand washing, sand inclusion and porosity.   二. permanent casting advantages and disadvantages   1, the advantages

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  Look at the picture,it is a sand core of one product.  There are usually two types of casting molding: pressure casting and gravity casting. when we design the technological process,we need think about whether using the sand core.  we usually make it  by two methods. meantime we need  the  heat coating sand production line and phenolic sand molding. when we finish it we need brash the surface with coating. The sand core must heating and drying before casting. Any requirement please feel free to contact us via email, we will reply you in time. ;       contact information:<>

let's learn how to make a part by casting

  Have you know how to produce a part by casting? let's learn it together. Firstly, you must have a mold, of course we need a casting equipment; secondly,you must have a process engineer who can teach you the  technological parameter , we usually set the temperature as 690  degrees centigrade. also we need know the pressure point and the time . Thirdly,you just point a pattern and wait a moment, your product will done. is it easy? have you ever learn it. contact me you will know more about the casting knowledge. if have any question,please contact me: contact information:

The part of Gas Insulated metal-enclosed Switchgear in China

  contact information: This part which we called it shell, it is produced by low pressure casting.  it is 40kg, Precision machining ensures  the size,and shot blasting ensures the  Surface   roughness. The whole process:low pressure casting ,cutting by saw,shot blasting,precision machining,also include  heat treatment   process. and this part accessed through X-Ray testing and art-tight test. it is used by 110KV and 220KV and 550KV. if you want to know more,please contact us.

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