One factory of aluminum casting which have passed the ISO 9000 certification in China.

If you are a manufacture of Gas insulted metal-enclosed Switchgear. we are your cooperative partner. and we are mainly engaged in the research, development, production ,sales and related technical consulting services of open-type high-voltage appliances,high-voltage combined appliances and high-voltage components.

we have aluminum casting workshop and black metal workshop and aluminum welding workshop,and electroplating workshop. The production include GIS, open high voltage electrical components for key casting aluminum parts,ferrous metal precision machining parts and silver plating parts. we can provide security and stable and efficient products. we have the whole technology r&d Department,production department,inspection department and testing department.we have passed the ISO 9000 certification.
2.stable: we have X-Ray testing and Art-tight testing  and CMM equipment. also we have the laboratory which can do the aluminum composition test ,type tests and conductivity tests. 
  • 3.efficient: we are next to ShangHai of China.we can responds your order quickly.

  • Contact information:<>

    Location: Rugao city,jiangsu province,china.

    The address: 1 dengyuan Road, Development zone.



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